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Scam site nr 1

Not just 3 hours ago, I've ordered litecoins to my wallet and they claim that they send it to you in an hour. Where's my order ? to be honest I want my money back for waiting that long, the response isn't that good. Other sites are better to redeem your voucher. Maybe I will give them more stars, if they send the coins. Because no review takes 3 hours or more to clear and I don't see any of it on my coinbase. Don't bother redeeming here. Disappointed...

von Chris am 09-06-2019   (1/5)

Hello Chris, Our compliance team has decided not to payout the digital currency to you. Please reach out to the reseller from which you have purchased the voucher directly in order to receive the refund. Thank you for your understanding! Regards, Your team from bit4coin

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