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Karent GmbH
Franklinstr. 56
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 069 272266-0
Fax: 069 272266-10

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Fürsorgliche und unerbittliche Unterstützung

Change, especially if unplanned and undesired, can be difficult to cope with. Despite our daily challenges, the sudden loss of a job brings up feelings that everything has turned upside-down and makes the prospect of job-seeking seem like an insurmountable task. Mr. Wilm's and Karent's approach tackles these issues in an emphatic, yet very professional, manner. The process focuses on bringing stability, self-awareness, and self-confidence back on track and piecemealing the quest for a new position into digestible bits. Moreover, the clerical support with the more bureaucratic tasks (such as sifting through job boards and prospecting target companies) proved to be absolutely vital in keeping the spirit up and the ball on the roll.

von FKB - A Brazilian Manager in Germany am 16-10-2020   (5/5)