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Werner Lott Kfz- und Industriebedarf GmbH
Sollinger Oberhütte 4-6
37170 Uslar

Tel.: 05571 915 118 00
Fax: 055716108

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Once and never again !

My order was the item : MONROE Shock Absorber OESpectrum, the item that came out was not the trademark written on the order. Most likely it was a fake goods and the origin was not Germany. If you like for verification if you want, i show you a picture. Even in the previous products I ordered have been: Made in China. I am very disappointed with the quality of the goods offered by this company. My order was delayed too much and the company gave me no detail solution. they seem to me to be very accountable in communication

von Gert am 19-12-2019   (1/5)