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Villa Marco a Portobello di Gallura

Hello, I would like to clarify before presenting the evaluation: "THE AGENCY HAS ALWAYS BEEN AVAILABLE, CORDIAL WITH US RENTERS AT ANY TIME AND WE NEEDED IT, AND THEREFORE FOR US THEY DESERVE THE STARS". Now I will explain why the place "condominium of PORTOBELLO di GALLURA specifying VILLA MARCO", did not make for us a family of 4 a perfect holiday. As for the apartment we have nothing to say, as it was comfortable and had multiple services, so for us it is an excellent residence for holidays with your family. From the first day on the beach we put two new umbrellas, where some people (they declared themselves owners of the condominium and the beach), wanted at all costs to remove the umbrellas, as in their condominium regulation it is written that they are not allowed umbrellas on the beach inside the "condominium" complex. This break of balls had become everyday everyday of several people who always declared themselves owners and that the beach where we were and every morning we put the two small umbrellas was a private beach. At this point deprived of our privacy and by now broken the balls by all these people and I repeat the owners who vexed against us, I went to the administrator of the condominium and explain how it works on the beach: I asked if they had a state concession, and he answered no, and at that point I asked another question, asking that if I put two umbrellas on a state-owned space, what could they do? can they remove it? he answered no and at that point I said not to break the balls anymore because I was right !!!!!!! then to those who want to go there you can put the umbrellas the important thing not to get to a meter and a half from the private or condominium border, but in the space of 5mt from the shore onwards up to about 30m without entering the condominium space.

von giò am 05-08-2019   (5/5)