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Quality tea

I accidentally stumbleduupon this website while looking for the black tea that I bought in Vienna before. I couldn't find the said tea, Der Kuss, on their website, but decided to order some tea from them because it seemed that they had a large amount of unique, unheard of, teas. I took advantage of the sales they had, and ordered two types of tea, one of which was a Darjeeling tea, being a big fan of Darjeeling tea. The teas arrived quickly, to UK, in which I reside. During the order process, the owner of the website was being friendly and helpful. The Darjeeling tea was fabulous and of a high quality. The other tea I ordered was pleasant as well. I know that I will be a regular customer of this excellent tea shop.

von Yui UK am 14-05-2020   (5/5)