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W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH
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Arrived fast, but ...

Too much packaging for the items I purchased. Could have been shipped in an envelope.

von John DuPont am 06-05-2022   (5/5)

Hello John, thank you for your review and feedback. Please note that even if an envelope seems to be sufficent at first glance, it might no be the proper packaging for several reasons: 1. The shipping company requires a box packaging due to the fact that the package is automatically sorted. 2. the nature of the item ordered (small and / or fragile) requires a more protective packaging. 3. Due to the shortage of paper materials we do currently not have an envelope in the required size in stock. As I do not have an order number, I cannot tell you what the reason for the selected packing in your specific case was, but rest assured that our warehouse is packing every order so that a) it arrives safely and b) uses only the required packing. Best regards from Berlin, Niko

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