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Very Good

4.28 / 5.00
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Super schneller Service und tolle Produkte! reply:

I ordered some groceries including rice. They delivered other items according to my order except rice. Once I get the package I saw rice is not there. I wrote an email that rice is missing in the cartoon. They asked for the invoice then I sent it. After 7 days they are telling that they delivered my full order. If I tell lie, I will die tomorrow that they didn’t send it. They are just cheating with the people and taking money for nothing. They are doing fraud while they are using this name. I would request everyone that please be aware of them. reply:

I initiated a payment over giro pay and there was an error in the payment. The payment of Jamoona is very unprofessional. The amount was booked twice. I contacted customer support and gave them all the proof of double payment. They kept on denying it. They emailed me to contact their service providers Giropay and Mollie. 1. It's your job to give the consumer a seamless checkout process. If there is a double payment you need to contact the service providers and talk with them. We as consumer don´t know these processes and workflow. We don´t have a service agent who will take the queries. 2. My job is at my company and not yours to clear the mess you have in the checkout process. "Please contact Giropay" was the first reply I got. Suddenly, I got a reply now I need to contact some Mollie. WHAT THE HELL????? Am I your emplyoee or what? Worst service and customer experience. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! reply:

Die Lieferung war schnell. Ich bin zufrieden damit, hier einzukaufen. reply:

Lina Hana
Goedenmiddag jamoona Order ID 237512 Ik heb 25 februari een zak rijst van 20 kg besteld. van jamoona web site, vandaag ontvangen, maar het stinkt heel erg, en op de zak zitten rattenkeutels. Ik ben echt van streek en wil de zak terugsturen, en ik ben helemaal niet blij met dit bestelling. Is het mogelijk om te weten hoe u het product kunt retourneren?? Gr . Lina hana reply:

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